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Grants & Applications

The Plymouth Education Foundation has enhanced education in Plymouth, MA since 2008. Through donations from community partners, PEF awards grants and scholarships to educators and students to support enrichment of education at all levels.

Types of Grants

  • Instructional Grants provide funds for educators to develop and implement instructional projects that align with the Foundation's mission. Funds may be used for equipment, supplies, curriculum development and staff development.

  • Scholarships for teachers and other educators are awarded to pursue additional education in the teaching profession, including National Board Teacher Certification.

  • Enhancement Grants for students will provide student enrichment opportunities that are above and beyond regular, remedial or required study.

  • Professional Enrichment Grants will provide teachers and other educators with opportunities to attend seminars, workshops and classes for enrichment purposes for which college credit is not received.

  • Other public and non-profit organizations may be provided with grants for educational opportunities for Town of Plymouth’s citizens.

Annual Grant Program:

Our Annual Grant Program accepts grant applications for any amount of money, for programs or projects that reflect the vision of PEF’s purpose and goals. Applications in our Annual Grant Program are due on March 1st or November 1st, and recipients will be notified of the Board’s funding decisions by May 1st and January 1st respectively.

Multi-Year Grant Program:

Criteria for Multi-Year Grants are essentially the same as the Foundation’s criteria for Annual Grants. The exception is that Multi-Year Grants are designed to provide funds for projects that, due to their scope, will not be able to achieve their goals within a one (1) year period. Applications for our Multi-Year Grant Program are due on March 1st or November 1st, and recipients are notified of the Board’s funding decisions by May 1st and January 1st respectively. Two (2) categories of grant applications are available in any of the grant programs: Education Grants and Professional Development Grants. General grant criteria and eligibility requirements are listed below for each grant category.

Mini Grant Program:

Our Mini-Grant Program is designed to provide funds for educational programs or projects that may not have been apparent during our Annual Grant Program cycle. Grant criteria and eligibility requirements are identical to those listed for our Annual Grant Program, but grant requests in the Mini-Grant Program may not exceed $1,000. Grant applications are due by specific dates in the fall and winter and applications will be voted on by the Board at its next regular meeting. Recipients will be notified of funding decisions within one (1) month. Please see the Mini-Grant application form for specific deadline dates for the current year.

Apply Today

To request a grant, please download application form and submit it to:

Plymouth Education Foundation
15 Caswell Lane
Plymouth, MA 02360

Final grant request submission dates: November 1st or March 1st
Grants will be awarded on: January 1st or May 1st

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